Arrangements – Pioneer Songs

After many years of research, these  songs, sung by the early Utah pioneers, were originally compiled and arranged for the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers by Alfred M. Durham, and published in 1932 by the DUP.

In 2012, the leaders of the DUP asked Michael Smurthwaite and Jane Dye to simplify and modernize the Durham arrangements for singing in the DUP encampment meetings.  These pioneer songs feature profound feelings of loyalty and honor for the pioneers who laid the foundations for our Great Basin civilization in the West.  You can also detect interesting and fun social commentary about the culture of the times. They may be sung at appropriate occasions, and hopefully bring joy and inspiration.

They may be copied free of charge for non-commercial use.

Arrangements - Pioneer Songs Theme Voice
A Motto For Every Man Pioneer - Witty Advice Unison
A Pioneer Song Pioneer Women's Chorus
Billy Boy Pioneer Unison
Come Sit By My Side, Little Darling Pioneer - Courting Solo or Duet
Grandfather’s Clock Family Memories Unison
Just to Please the Boys Pioneer - Coquettish Unison
Ode to Utah – This is the Place Pioneer - Honoring Utah Unison
Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked (After They Got Up!) Pioneer - Children Youth Chorus
Starry Night for a Ramble Pioneer - Romantic Unison
The Campbells Are Coming Pioneer -Scottish Warrior Song Unison
The Daughters of Utah Pioneers Pioneer Unison
The Handcart Song Pioneer - tune of Oh Susanna Unison
The Home Winner Pioneer - Fortitude Unison
The Maid of the Mill Pioneer - Song of Love Solo
The Red, White, and Blue Pioneer - patriotic Unison
The Water Mill Pioneer Unison
The Wedding of the Rails Pioneer Unison
Those Pioneers Pioneer Unison
Wait for the Wagon Pioneer Unison
Where Are You Going, My Pretty Maid? Pioneer Unison or Duet
Why Do Summer Roses Fade? Pioneer - true friendship Solo