Just to Please the Boys

Music By: Arranged by Alfred M. Durham
Voices: Unison
Additional Information: This setting by Michael Smurthwaite
Description: A fun flirtatious-style song about young courtship in pioneer times. It features some spoken parts interspersed within the verses. Have fun!

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1.Some people have peculiar ways, And I have some I know,

I don’t like swell society. Restraint I cannot go.

I’ve done and will do as I please, Keep still or make a noise.

I love to please the ladies, But I pre-fer to please the boys.


Just to please the boys, Oh just to please the boys,

I’ve always meant with good intent, To try to please the boys.


2. I love to sing, and sail and race, I love to skate and dance.

I love all social parties where they give a girl a chance.

My lady friends find fault, because they cannot share my joys,

And tell me I’m too forward when I try to please the boys. (Chorus )


3. Some people call me fickle just because I change my beau,

And don’t keep one man to myself, And let all others go.

Now this, I think, would be unkind, For no one more enjoys,

To give good looking men a chance, and to try to please the boys. (Chorus )