This music site welcomes all interested visitors and offers original songs and hymn arrangements; yet most of the songs flow from published music sung and enjoyed by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Herein referred to as the “Church”.) Visitors will find hymn choir arrangements, original Christmas songs, and songs for primary, worship, and missionary uses.  Of course you can also find fun music for many family and community purposes.

The Smurthwaitesong music website offers hundreds of easy to play simplified versions of Church hymns and all children’s Primary songs in English and Spanish.  It also includes a user-friendly piano lesson manual in Spanish as well as reverence booklets in English and Spanish for parents to use when teaching their children the Gospel. Because the simplifications are in the same keys as are found in the official Church Hymnbook (1985), piano teachers in both North and South America are finding the piano manual and these simplifications very helpful for emergent pianists who are learning to play the hymns for Church meetings.

We, Michael and Heather Smurthwaite, give our heartfelt thanks to all who have encouraged us to publish our humble tunes as well as to those dear friends over the years who have contributed inspiring original poetry for us to musicalize. From time to time, additional original songs and hymn arrangements will be added to this website.

Although we reserve all copyrights for the original songs, our music is provided free of charge for non-commercial Church or home use.  Naturally, we must approve any commercial uses. Please sample and enjoy the music from this website.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and/or reports of your experiences utilizing these musical offerings.