Why Do Summer Roses Fade?

Music By: Arranged by Alfred M. Durham
Voices: Unison
Additional Information: This setting by Michael Smurthwaite
Description: A lovely analogy comparing roses to enduring love and friendship.

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1.Oh why do summer roses fade?

If not to show how fleeting

All things bright and fair are made,

To bloom awhile as half afraid

To sain our summer greeting?

Or do they only bloom to tell

How brief a season love may dwell?


2.Then why do summer roses last?

Oh! Let’s be friends together,

Summertime will soon be past,

When autumn leaves around us cast,

And then comes wintry weather;

As surely as the summer’s day,

A friendship too, will pass away;


3.But tho’ summer roses die,

And love gives place to reason,

Friendships pass without a sigh,

And all on earth pass coldly by.

‘Tis but a wintry season;

And friendship, love, and roses too,

The springtime shall again renew.