Ode to Utah – This is the Place

Music By: Alfred M. Durham
Voices: High – low Duet
Lyrics By: Alfred M. Durham
Additional Information: This arrangement by Michael Smurthwaite
Description: This song (in march time) celebrates how the pioneers tamed the desert and working together like a hive of bees causing it to flourish like a rose.

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1. A sterile desert, bleak and bare, Was Utah when our father’s came,

The native shout, the howl of beasts, the only sound on hill and plain,

And yet when gazing from the height, The leader of that sturdy band,

Stirred ev’ry heart to songs of joy, As viewing he exclaimed:


This is the place!, This is the place!, Dear Utah! Wonderful place, wonderful place! Our Utah!

Mountain and vale now ring, With praises our song we sing, “This is the place! This is the place! Dear Utah!


2. Thy mountains send their crystal streams to irrigate the thirsty soil;

Thy valleys yield a bundantly, Responsive to the hand of toil.

The riches from a thousand hills, Thy busy marts and cities fair,

Call forth our songs of ecstacy, For nature’s gifts so rare. (Chorus)


3. Thy sons and daughters hold thee dear, Our hearts go out in praise to thee;

We’ll raise thy standard, lift it high, Fair Utah, hive of industry.

From idleness and ignorance, We’ll keep our land forever free,

Thy fame shall go to all the world, And live eternally. (Chorus)