Starry Night for a Ramble

Music By: Samuel Bagnall; Arranged by Alfred M. Durham
Voices: Unison
Additional Information: This setting by Michael Smurthwaite
Description: A charming little pioneer courting song.

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1.I like a game of Croquet, or bowling on the green,

I like a little boating to pull against the stream.

But of all the games that I love best to fill me with delight,

I like to take a ramble upon a starry night.



A starry night for a ramble, in a flow’ry dell:

Yes, Through the bush and bramble, a kiss, but never tell.


2.So talk about your bathing or strolling on the sands,

On some unseen veranda, where gentle zephyr fans.

Or rolling home in the morning boys, and very nearly tight,

Could never beat a ramble upon a starry night. (Chorus)


3.I like to take my sweetheart “of course you would” said he,

And softly whisper in her ear “how dearly I love thee.”

And when you picture to yourselves the scenes of such delight,

You’ll want to take a ramble, upon a starry night. (Chorus)


4.Yes, some will chose velocipede, and others take a drive,

And some will sit and mope at home, half dead, and half alive.

And some will chose a steamboat, and others even fight,

But I’ll enjoy my ramble, upon a starry night. (Chorus)