Original Missionary Songs

Originally many of these songs were written to be sung at missionary farewells of our own children in celebration of the privilege and joy of missionary service.  Others express the missionary feeling and spirit.

The music was composed  and copyrighted by Michael Smurthwaite, and may be copied free of charge for non-commercial use.

Original Missionary Songs Theme Voice
Discovering Wings Conversion Feelings Solo - High Voice
For My Eternal Purposes Shall Roll On Missionary Solo
How Great Shall Be Our Joy! – Duet Missionary Hi Lo Duet
How Great Shall Be Our Joy! Missionary Parents SATB
Oh Father, May I Serve Thee Missionary Desires Solo
That You May Know The Gospel’s True – Duet Missionary - Testimony Youth Duet
That You May Know The Gospel’s True Missionary - Testimony Youth Choir - Unison
The Armor of God – 2 staff quartette Missionary Preparation Quartet - TTBB
The Armor of God – Choir Missionary Preparation Choir - SATB
The Armor of God – male chorus Missionary Preparation Male Chorus - TTBB
The Armor of God – Solo Missionary Preparation Solo
The Gentle Secret of Manhood Missionary Preparation Father-Son Duet
Thy Word is Light Scripture Solo
We Send This Boy Missionary Parents Duet or Solo