We Send This Boy

Music By: Michael Smurthwaite
Voices: Solo or duet
Lyrics By: Heather Smurthwaite
Description: This duet presents the tender feelings of two parents praying                                                                                                                             for the Lord’s blessings on their son as he departs for a two-year mission.

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 1. Father of men, we send this boy,

       this wondrous blend of manhood strength and childhood joy,

       To bear thy name in all the earth,

       To teach thy truth to all the world and give rebirth.

                (Refrain) Oh, thy wondrous plan!

                              Oh Father, hold him in thy hand.

                              Oh, thy loving plan!

                              Oh Father guide him as he follows thy command.

2. We love this spirit child of thine,

     He loves Thee too, and gladly fills thy grand design.

     And as he shares thy precious truth,

     Thy Priesthood magnify and mold his glorious youth.


3. Bless him with strength, thy light impart,

    And gently put thy mighty love into his heart.  

    May he a humble vessel be,

    Tenderly bringing spirit children back to Thee.


    Oh Father, we send this boy.