For My Eternal Purposes Shall Roll On

Words & music by:      Michael Smurthwaite

Voices:  Solo or  Parent – child duet.

Description:   Composed to honor a son or daughter’s mission call.  The  song begins with a call from the Lord and ends with a response from the missionary.  Possibility: The missionary’s Father, or a brother representing the missionary’s father, could sing the first part of the song with the missionary singing the chorus and the last section.

** First measure word option for a departing sister  missionary. Substitute the word “daughter”                                                                          for the word “son.”Make this word change as necessary later in the song.

file_download  Download the sheet music


My son, the time, the time has come, to fulfill thy pre-earth promises, to walk in beauty, walk in light! And bring my children faith and sight, and sight.
(Chorus): For my eternal purposes roll on, roll on; my loving covenant to fulfill.
Thou shalt go forth, my gentle son in thy youth, to bring, oh bring my precious ones, the wondrous blessings of the Truth.
On wings of eagles shalt thou go, to teach and testify, the rolling wave of my Spirit shall dispel the darkness, from thy path! (Chorus)
Let no man despise thy youth in going forth to spread the truth. Always remember the gift that is in thee, and thou shalt save thy self, and those with thee! (Chorus)