Reverence Booklets

These English reverence booklets are designed to help children be reverent during sacrament meetings or at other quiet times.  They are helpful in teaching basic doctrines and principles of the Gospel, building faith in the hearts of the children, and several are based on Primary songs which are familiar to the children.

To assemble the booklets, print, cut, and insert the pages into a small plastic 4″x 6″  photo album.

The bilingual (Spanish/English) reverence booklets were written or adapted by Virginia Cazier, and may also augment the teaching of Spanish.

We suggest that these booklets be read aloud to the children at home during the week.  Then on Sundays, during the meeting, the children can look at the  booklets and remember what they teach.  In this loving context, Sacrament Meeting will not seem boring, but rather an opportunity to rejoice in the Lord.

Reverence Booklets Theme Forma
Follow the Prophet Prophets - 30 pg. Spanish-English
How can I Follow the Savior? Living the Gospel - 40 pg. Spanish-English
My Heavenly Father Loves Me — reverence book Gratitude English
Saturday and Sabbath Day – Reverence Book Sabbath Spanish - English
The Articles of Faith The Articles of Faith - 48 pg. Spanish-English
The Plan of Happiness The plan of salvation - 90 pg. Spanish-English