The Plan of Happiness

This Spanish-English reverence book in color was written by Virginia Cazier.  It prints on 22 pages, to be cut apart to insert 88 pages into a 100-pg. plastic 4×6″picture album.  The instructions and outside title page come last in the document.

It explains the Plan of Salvation beautifully, and is also helpful in learning Spanish.

Read it with the children at home, so that they can quietly look at the pictures in church and be familiar with what they mean.

Missionaries:   If you can download this PDF onto your computer and use a PDF conversion app, then, using Microsoft Word, you can substitute (instead of the Spanish) a translation in any language you’re working with, and use it in your mission.  Be sure to check the translation with a native speaker of that language.  If you want to send us a copy, we would be pleased to publish it on this website.


file_download  Download the sheet music