Saturday and Sabbath Day – Reverence Book

Saturday and Sabbath Day
Rev bk – Saturday – compatible

This English/Spanish booklet was organized  by Heather Smurthwaite,  and Illustrated by Heather’s granddaughter Annelise Zielke.

Print this 40 pg.  reverence book  in color on 12 pages.  Then cut apart the pages to insert into a little 4×6″ plastic picture album.

Pay attention to insert in order the page numbers, so the picture faces the words it portrays.  The  title page is first in the document.                                                                                          Discard the blank page, placing page 1 on the left (on the back of the title page).

It portrays the song from the Children’s Songbook #196.   You can sing the melody of the song while reading it.