Sing Joy! Sing Jesus! — Duet

Music By: Michael Smurthwaite
Voices: Duet for Higher and Lower voices
Lyrics By: Heather Smurthwaite
Description: This open-hearted song, in contrast to the softer lullaby Christmas melodies, is written in a circular motion to enhance the worshipful rejoicing flowing from the hearts of Christian singers.

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At Christmas do we feel the warmth that surges forth in song,
And wish that we could keep that joyous feeling all year long? Then sing!

1. Sing joy! Sing Jesus! Raise up hosannahs and anthems of praise to our God!
Sing joy! Sing Je-sus! Spread alleluias and rev’rent Amens all abroad.
Then sing, oh sing. Sing with heart and mind and voice.
Oh sing, oh sing. Let the soul rejoice.

2. Sing love! Sing Jesus! Sweet adoration and full jubilation resound!
Sing love. Sing Jesus! Tender salvation and deep consecration abound.
Then sing, oh sing! Sing with heart and mind and voice.
Oh sing, oh sing! Let the soul rejoice!

3. Sing light! Sing Je-sus! He is born, truth to man, power in His mighty hand.
Sing light. Sing Je-sus! Sing with increasing grace, ‘Till we see His loving face!