Long Ago and Far Away I Heard the Angels Sing

Music By: Michael Smurthwaite
Voices: Solo
Lyrics By: Ruth Ann Eggers                                                                                                                                                                                                                          MP3 Sung By:  Roger Hoffman
Description: This sweet song retells the Christmas story with reverent verses and praising chorus.

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1.Oh long ago and far away I heard the angels sing.
They told the glorious story of the coming of our King.
The Christ child born that holy night In Mary’s arms did lay,
While shepherds gathered ’round in awe, Joseph knelt to pray.


        Oh praise to Him, to His great name, their voices sweet did ring!
Oh praises be to His great name; our Savior, Lord and King!

2.The wise traveled from afar to see this Child of Love,
And guiding them the wondrous star filled the sky above.
His life was our example, He came to show the way,

For us to have eternal life, He gave His life in pay.


3.The purpose of His death and birth all mankind must know.
He came and died that we might live, a perfect love to show.
Oh may I live my life in thanks, In mem’ry of His love,
That someday I may live with Him in holy courts above.