Simplified Primary Songs

These songs were published in the Children’s Songbook (2000)  by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

These simplified arrangements feature the melody with simple supporting notes or chords.  Since they are in the same key, it makes it easier for emergent pianists to transition into the regular Primary songbook.

Only the Primary songs which have a Spanish equivalent are included here. No prohibited copyrighted songs are included.

The music was simplified  and copyrighted by Michael Smurthwaite, and may be copied free of charge for non-commercial use.

Simplified Primary Songs Theme Voice
A Child’s Prayer My Heavenly Father Counter point duet
A Happy Family Home and Family Unison
A Young Man Prepared The Gospel Unison
Away in a Manger The Savior Unison
Baptism The Gospel Unison
Beauty Everywhere Nature and Seasons Unison
Book of Mormon Stories The Gospel Unison
Called to Serve The Gospel Unison
Can a Little Child like Me? My Heavenly Father Unison
Children All Over the World My Heavenly Father Unison
Choose the Right Way The Gospel Unison
Daddy’s Homecoming The Gospel Unison
Dare to Do Right The Gospel Unison
Did Jesus Really Live Again? The Savior Unison
Do As I’m Doing Fun and Activity Unison
Faith The Gospel Unison
Families Can Be Together Forever Home and Family Unison
Family Prayer Home and Family Unison
Father, I Will Reverent Be My Heavenly Father Unison
Follow the Prophet The Gospel Unison
For Health and Strength My Heavenly Father Unison
Fun to Do Fun and Activity Unison
Genealogy–I Am Doing It The Gospel Unison
‘Give,’ Said the Little Stream Nature and Seasons Unison
Grandmother Home and Family Unison
Happy, Happy Birthday Fun and Activity Unison
He Sent His Son The Savior Unison
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Fun and Activity Unison
Hello Song Fun and Activity Unison
Help Me, Dear Father The Gospel Unison
Hinges Fun and Activity Unison
I Am a Child of God – Primary My Heavenly Father Unison
I Am A Child of God My Heavenly Father Unison
I Am like a Star The Gospel Unison
I Feel My Savior’s Love The Savior Unison
I Know My Father Lives My Heavenly Father Unison
I Lived in Heaven – Simplified My Heavenly Father Unison
I Lived in Heaven – Chorus My Heavenly Father Chorus - 2 parts
I Love to See the Temple The Gospel Unison
I Often Go Walking Nature and Seasons Unison
I Thank Thee, Dear Father My Heavenly Father Unison
I Think the World Is Glorious Nature and Seasons Unison
I Think When I Read That Sweet Story The Savior Unison
I Want to Be a Missionary Now The Gospel Unison
I Want to Live the Gospel The Gospel Unison
I Will Be Valiant The Gospel Unison
I Will Follow God’s Plan The Gospel Unison
I Will Try to Be Reverent My Heavenly Father Unison
If You’re Happy Fun and Activity Unison
I’ll Walk With You The Gospel Unison
I’m Trying to Be like Jesus The Savior Unison
Jesus Has Risen The Savior Unison
Jesus Is Our Loving Friend The Savior Unison
Jesus Once Was a Little Child The Savior Unison
Jesus Said Love Everyone The Savior Unison
Keep the Commandments The Gospel Unison
Kindness Begins With Me The Gospel Unison
Lift Up Your Voice and Sing Fun and Activity Unison
Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep Nature and Seasons Unison
Love Is Spoken Here Home and Family Unison
Love One Another The Gospel Unison
Mary’s Lullaby The Savior Unison
Mother Dear Home and Family Unison
Mother, I Love You Home and Family Unison
My Dad Home and Family Unison
My Heavenly Father Loves Me Nature and Seasons Unison
My Mother Dear Nature and Seasons Unison
Nephi’s Courage The Gospel Unison
Oh, Hush Thee, My Baby The Savior Unison
Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime? Fun and Activity Unison
On a Golden Springtime Nature and Seasons Unison
Once There Was a Snowman Nature and Seasons Unison
Once Within a Lowly Stable The Savior Unison
Our Primary Colors Fun and Activity Unison
Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked Heritage Unison
Popcorn Popping Nature and Seasons Unison
Quickly I’ll Obey Home and Family Unison
Rain Is Falling All Around Nature and Seasons Unison
Reverence Is Love My Heavenly Father Unison
Reverently, Quietly My Heavenly Father Unison
Saturday Home and Family Unison
Search, Ponder, and Pray The Gospel Unison
Seek The Lord Early The Gospel Unison
Sing Your Way Home Fun and Activity Unison
Smiles Fun and Activity Unison
Stand for the Right The Gospel Unison
Teach Me to Walk in the Light The Gospel Unison
Tell me, Dear Lord The Gospel Unison
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus The Gospel Unison
Thanks to Our Father My Heavenly Father Unison
The Books in the Book of Mormon The Gospel Unison
The Church of Jesus Christ The Savior The Savior
The Dearest Names Home and Family Unison
The Golden Plates The Gospel Unison
The Handcart Song Heritage Unison
The Holy Ghost The Gospel Unison
The Lord Gave Me a Temple The Gospel Unison
The Nativity Song The Savior Unison
The Priesthood Is Restored The Gospel Unison
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man Fun and Activity Unison
The World Is So Lovely Nature and Seasons Unison
To Be A Pioneer Heritage Unison
We Bow Our Heads My Heavenly Father Unison
We’ll Bring the World His Truth The Gospel When He Comes Again
When He Comes Again The Savior Unison
When Joseph Went to Bethlehem The Savior Unison
When We’re Helping Home and Family Unison
Where Love Is The Gospel Unison
You’ve Had a Birthday Fun and Activity Unison