Sing a Lovely Sabbath Song — Alto – Bass Duet

Composer:    Michael Smurthwaite

Lyricist:    Heather Smurthwaite

Voices:      Alto – Bass Duet

Description:    Keeping the Sabbath day holy and the attendant blessings.

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  1. The Sabbath day, it’s plain to see Is Heav’ly Father’s gift to me.

He knows my body needs a rest, He knows my soul needs to be blessed.


Chorus:  Singing a lovely Sabbath song, I’m close to Jesus all day long.

Oh sing a lovely Sabbath song, stay close to Jesus all day long.


  1. Commandment sweet, I will obey, And in His own appointed way,

I’ll pray in faith as I repent, And humbly take His sacrament.


  1. Such wondrous feelings fill my heart. I’ll do my best to do my part,

And seek the Holy Spirit’s, light to help me always do what’s right.