Precious Covenant – Duet

Music by:         Michael  Smurthwaite

Lyrics by:         Heather Smurthwaite

Voices:             Primary or Youth voices

Description:     Describes the joy of the baptism with family nearby and the blessings of the covenant of baptism.


  1. A heart prepared, Water so clean; precious covenant.

The room so still; act of free will, Father’s Plan fulfill.

Heaven’s angels weep and cheer, Friends and family near.

Sharing the glorious, simple joy of entr’ing kingdom’s door.

Precious Covenant.

  1. Arising clean with face agleam; love’s sweet glories stream.

Spirit so near; listen to hear. Precious covenant.

Then with hands, the gift so mild, sent to lift and build.

Sealing the holy covenant of the Father and the child.

Precious Covenant.