Oh Mother, We Love You So, Our Mother

Composed by: Michael Smurthwaite
Lyrics by: Heather Smurthwaite.
Voices: Solo or Duet
Description:Duet created in memory of Artella Hunter, and sung by her daughter Heather and
Son-in-law Michael at her funeral May 20,1981, surrounded by her many grandchildren and loved ones.
Possible use for Mother’s Day.

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Oh Mother, we honor you, dear Mother; as you pass from this life to beyond.

Oh Mother, we love you so, our mother, with you we made our earth-ly bond.

Your faith and your strength, our foundation, Your tender sweet love helped us grow;

And now we will build a great kingdom from seeds you did lovingly sow.


Oh Mother, we honor you, dear mother, Your guiding star We’ll always see.

Oh Mother, we love you so sweet mother, the vessel we sprang from was thee.

We remember your laughing and giving, in spite of the sorrows and fears.

Your positive zest for living will stay with us all thru the years.

Oh Mother, we honor you, our mother; yes, worthy we will strive to be.

Oh Mother, dear Mother, we’ll carry on your memory, and greet you in eternity.