Designed in Father’s Image

Composed by: Michael Smurthwaite

Lyrics by:  James H. Lee Jr.

Voices:  Solo

Description:   To honor all fathers as they pattern their actions after our  Father in Heaven.

Possible use for Father’s Day programs.

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1.Fathers come in ev’ry size and type and quality.
Designed in “FATHER’S”  image, of true nobility.
The schooling of their spirit took place long a-go,
That they do not remember that heav’ly after glow.

But through their earthly father, they’ve learned eternal things,
And gained eternal wisdom through heaven’s whisperings.

2.And as they teach their children to listen and obey,
They learn from each experience, and take more time to pray.
And as they pray and ponder, they come to realize
How much they are like “FATHER,” how gentle and how wise.

God bless our earthly fathers, and help them come to be
an image, form and likeness of God, eternally.
God bless our fathers dear.