Shine On, Shine On, Wondrous Star!

Music By: Michael Smurthwaite
Voices: solo
Lyrics By: Pearl Sparks
Description: This exultant carol for a higher voice rejoices in the message of Christ.

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Oh little starlit Bethlehem town, Great is your glory, of great renown;
Chosen the place of our Savior’s birth; We see the promised star from earth.

Shine on, shine on, wondrous star,
Guiding to the manger from afar;
Oh Shine on, shine on that we may see
To come to Christ and perfect be.

May our light shine that all may see The light of Christ’s sweet loving divinity.
Our Savior came to earth, our debt to pay, As we humbly walk the loving, narrow way.

Oh Shine on, shine on! Obedient be
So that all may know and all may see
The blessings that the Gospel gives.
I know that my Redeemer lives!

Shine on! Oh wondrous star!