Pretty Baby

Music By: unknown – Arranged by Michael Smurthwaite

Voices: SSA

Description: This fun sailor song was joyously sung by Heather’s mother, Artella, and her Aunt Gloria in the 1940’s  and was taught to Heather when she was a young girl in the 1950’s.  It’s a great addition to family skits and talent shows.

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Pretty baby, pretty baby, what might your plans for today be?
If you’re lonesome, on your ownsome, then I havn’t a darn thing to do.
People tell me it’s the season when girls like huggin’ and squeezin’,
And for some dumb goofy reason, baby, I’m nuts about you!

Hey Babe! Hey Babe! What are ya’ doin’ today, Babe?
You look mighty ship-shape to me, and I have sighted a few!
Hey Babe! Hi Babe! Why not give me a try, Babe?
And maybe I’ll make you my baby cuz I’m nuts about you!

Hey Baby, hey Baby wha’ da ya’ say Baby, how’s about joinin’ my crew?
I need a lookout to point some shady nook out!
I’m sick of seafarin’ and wanta start shar-in’ a cozy little cottage for two,
So be my pilot thru life’s cozy islet, cuz I’m nuts about you!