Click Sequence to Play MP3 Audio
While Viewing the Sheet Music on This Website

    • From the Smurthwaitesong Quick Navigation menu click your desired option; for example, Original Christmas songs.  A list of songs appears.

    • Click one title and the song page comes up.  To view the sheet music click on pdf sheet music.  A button will light up on the bottom on the bottom frame of your screen.  Click the flashing button and the sheet music appears.

    • To hear the song click the MP3 audio button and a flashing link button will appear on the bottom frame of your screen.

    • Click the flashing link button and it will prompt you to save the MP3 which often will be sent to your desktop.

    • Now, minimize the entire webpage to access your desktop, find and click on the title of the MP3 audio link and it will begin to play.

    • Now maximize (restore) the sheet music screen and you will be able to hear the song while viewing the sheet music.  Remember to scroll down as the music plays to match the sheet music on the screen with the music.